Just what does United Way do?

This United Way is a locally incorporated, autonomous, non-profit organization. It is a partnership of volunteers, donors, agencies, and people served, which raises and distributes funds based upon need to strengthen community capcity and individual ability to care for one another. We support 32 human services agencies in Cochise County Arizona.

What is the relationship between United Way of America and United Way of Sierra Vista and Cochise County?

United Way of America is a national trade association whose primary objective is to support activities of over 2,100 local United Way agencies across America. The organization provides education opportunities for volunteers and professional staff nationwide. It provides brochures, posters, and national media advertising such as televised public service announcements.

What types of services does our United Way support?

United Way funding supports a wide variety of services, such as recreational and character-building programs for youths, emergency assistance and shelter for people in times of crisis, training for the mentally and physically disabled, care for the elderly, shelter for abused women and children, and much, much more. 

Why should I give?

Supporting agencies which provide human services, e.g. Boys and Girls Club, Cochise County Childrens Center , Salvation Army, Crisis and Homeless Shelters. Care for the Elderly, means you are giving to programs dealing with crime prevention, substance abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, to name just a few. And, knowing you've made a difference will make you feel great!

Why not just give directly to the agencies?

Contributing through United Way guarantees agencies funding they can rely on and plan for, rather than being dependent on sporadic donations.  Giving through United Way reduces costly and time-consuming fundraising efforts for the agencies, so their time can be spent providing direct services.

Who runs the United Way?

Our United Way is governed by a local board of directors made up of volunteers who are residents of Cochise County, Arizona. These volunteers plan the annual fund-raising campaign, organize the campaign, collect contributions, and determine how donations raised should be distributed to service providers and agencies. 

How is United Way accountable?

Our financial operation is audited by an independent accounting firm and is carefully scrutinized by our Finance Committee and our Board of Directors. Every dollar collected by United Way of Sierra Vista and Cochise County stays in Cochise County. 

How are United Way partner agencies held accountable?

Every United Way agency meets these high standards to assure you quality and efficiency:

  • Recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization 
  • Governed by a volunteer board of directors
  • Submits periodic financial statements 
  • Community volunteers 
  • Operates with an overhead cost of less than 25%.
  • Follows state and federal laws as pertains to discrimination